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Caribbean Marine Laboratory

The Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences is made up of the Education Center, the dry laboratory, the wet laboratory and the Roatán Museum. The Education Center is designed for use as a comfortable and spacious classroom. This room also houses exhibits on the coral reef, fish, invertebrates, reptiles, birds and geology of the Bay Islands. When class is not in session, the center is open to the public and visited by hundreds of tourists annually. The classroom is connected to a well equipped dry lab. A wet laboratory and dive gear room is is directly adjacent to the main building.  

Education Center & Classroom:

This spacious classroom is equipped with LCD projector, video and audio equipment, chalkboard and dry erase boards. This air-conditioned room easily accommodates 40 people. A second smaller classroom is also available and can accommodate up to 20 people. 

Dry Laboratory:

The dry laboratory is adjacent to the RIMS classroom and is equipped with ample counter space and running water. A reference library contains field guides, marine related books, reprints and a collection of slides that are available for use by your class. We also have several specimen collections including sponges, corals, algae, seashells, and insects found on Roatán.

Listed below is equipment* available for use: 

  • 5 dissecting scopes
  • 6 compound microscopes slides, cover slips, depression slides forceps
  • Glass petri dishes
  • Plastic sample bottles (250 & 500 ml)
  • Hand held thermometer
  • Hot plate with stirrer
  • Glass specimen dishes
  • Vacuum filter apparatus
  • Light table
  • Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Beakers
  • Graduated cylinders (glass & plastic)

Wet Laboratory:

The wet lab is adjacent to the main building. It is equipped with a 20-ft flow-through seawater table for marine investigations. Small aquaria are on hand to isolate marine organisms. The lab is also equipped with ample counter space and running water. A separate storage room for research and scuba gear is located in this complex.

Below is a list of equipment maintained in this lab:

  • 30 underwater dive slates
  • 20 waterproof fish I.D. cards
  • 12 hand nets 
  • 1 secchi discs plankton nets (40um & 300 um)
  • 3 1-meter quadrats 
  • 2 1/2-meter quadrats
  • 4 30-meter underwater tape
  • Tide gauge
  • Air temperature monitor
  • 2 10-gallon aquariums
  • 4 20-gallon aquariums
  • Air stones
  • Hand corer
  • Sink with running water
  • 1 large examination table

* Please inquire prior to you arrival whether equipment you will need is available. Several reliable shipping companies can transport additional personal equipment to our facility. Shipping information can be provided upon request.

Chemicals: Formalin, alcohol, distilled water and various reagents are available. All researchers bringing chemicals of any kind to RIMS must make arrangements to carry them back.