Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences - Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Student Groups

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Academic groups are invited to utilize our facility to gain first-hand knowledge of tropical marine ecosystems. This may be the first encounter with coral reefs for many students and the underwater world of Roatán provides an incomparable realm of beauty, excitement and endless opportunity for study. A field course at RIMS allows students to travel abroad, become immersed into a new culture, and experience the simple way of life that has existed for hundreds of years on this small Caribbean island.

Groups intersted in conducting a field course at RIMS should contact the Education Coordinator.  Depending on your needs she can assist you with some or all of the following:

  • Developing a course itinerary and arranging boat and classroom times. This should be done prior to arrival.
  • Providing lectures to your class on a variety of topics. (See Programs & Lectures)
  • Serving as a naturalist, assisting your class in keying out organisms, developing independent research projects and providing important information on the local marine environments.
  • As a certified dive master, she will accompany your class on all field trips.
Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences
Anthony's Key Resort
Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras
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Preserving Roatán’s Natural Resources through Education and Research

The rich waters of Roatán abound with stories. Tales of life, growth and change are all waiting to be told. More importantly, they are waiting to be heard. The starring roles are the fish and other marine organisms who call this place their home. The Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences knows these stories. After all, they unfold right offshore. Keep reading and we'll tell you about what RIMS has to offer. It’s not just another Caribbean Marine Laboratory!