Anthony's Key Resort

Four decades ago, the creators of Anthony’s Key Resort envisioned a small, tropical hide-away that would allow adventurous travelers the opportunity to experience the beauty of Roatan and the Caribbean as nature intended.  Today, the resort still retains an intimacy with its surroundings that is reminiscent of a peaceful island village. Charming, wooden bungalows dot the resort’s palm studded hillside and rim its shimmering lagoon. Reached by a brief boat ride from the resort’s main grounds, the tiny islet that is its namesake features more private bungalows and spectacular ocean vistas. While a favorite pastime among guests is lazing in bungalow hammocks, more active visitors can enjoy various watersports on the key’s small beach.

Back at the resort’s main grounds, the restaurant and bar are perched high on a hillside surrounded by towering coconut palms. There, more sweeping views and fiery sunsets are served up alongside delicious tropical fare. Just steps below at the waters edge are the photo, gift and dive shops, where there is dockage for a fleet of state-of-the art dive boats. A short walk from there takes visitors to the Roatán Museum and Roatán Institute of Marine Sciences, where guests can participate in educational programs and encounters with marine mammals. More inquisitive guests can join trained naturalists across the lagoon on Bailey’s Key to interact with playful dolphins and observe some of the island’s indigenous plants and animals along the key’s nature trail.

Anthony’s Key Resort’s successful blend of nature, comfort and hospitality, continues to draw return visitors year after year in search of tranquility and adventure.

Resort Facilities

Dive Shop

Anthony's Key Resort is a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Resort and has been a pioneer in the diving industry for more than 40 years. It is ranked as one of the top dive resorts in the world. In addition to administering the dive operation, the dive shop has a full array of dive and snorkel gear available for rental on a weekly or daily basis.  An ample stock of regulators, gauges, BC's, wetsuits, and computers, so there is no need to reserve equipment in advance. 


Several boats are available for student groups. Anthony's Key Resort's 42-foot dive boats have a 20-passenger capacity. A competent captain and at least one dive master will accompany each group on every outing. The dive boat is equipped with a radio, a First Aid kit, emergency oxygen kit, water tub for photo equipment and a cooler of drinking water. RIMS maintains a dockside rinse tank and a freshwater shower. 

Photo Roatan

"Photo Roatan" is considered one of the most complete photo shops in the Western Caribbean. It is located dockside next to the snack shop. The shop offer equipment rentals, film, memory cards and batteries for sale. We also offer superb video productions of your individual or group dives and dolphin encounters.

Hyperbaric Chamber

The Cornerstone Hyperbaric Chamber and Clinic offers dependable hyperbaric healthcare to recreational and commercial divers in the region. In addition to hyperbaric medicine, general medical care is also provided to the local community and resort guests. Due to the increasing demand for medical care in the community, what began as a small clinic in a 400 square foot wood building has expanded to its current location and is now complete with an emergency room, x-ray room, two consultation rooms, one observation room, a laboratory, a pharmacy and is staffed by three medical doctors, an EMT and laboratory technician.


The accommodations at Anthony's Key Resort are wooden bungalows that are nestled within the foliage of a tropical hillside and along the water’s edge of the resort's namesake: "Anthony's Key". These charming bungalows are individual Caribbean-style bungalows, perched above the ground or over the water.  Non-airconditioned bungalows are walled on three sides, with floor to ceiling louver windows and air-conditioned bungalows are weather sealed and fitted with high visibility glass windows.

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