Listed below is equipment* available for use:

  • 5 dissecting scopes

  • 6 compound microscopes slides, cover slips, depression slides forceps

  • Glass petri dishes

  • Plastic sample bottles (250 & 500 ml)

  • Hand held thermometer

  • Hot plate with stirrer

  • Glass specimen dishes

  • Vacuum filter apparatus

  • Light table

  • Erlenmeyer flasks

  • Beakers

  • Graduated cylinders (glass & plastic)

* Please inquire prior to you arrival whether equipment you will need is available. Several reliable shipping companies can transport additional personal equipment to our facility. Shipping information can be provided upon request.

Chemicals: Formalin, alcohol, distilled water and various reagents are available. All researchers bringing chemicals of any kind to RIMS must make arrangements to carry them back.

Dry Laboratory

Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences

Roatan, Bay Islands


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