Solar Energy Output Gauge

Anthony's Key Resort's sustainable efforts continued in the spring of 2020. The installation of solar panels converts Roatan’s most abundant resource, sunshine, into clean, green, renewable energy for the resort during the daytime! The estimated output of the grid-tied solar system is over 300 kWh, enough to power the resort in the daytime and when the sun is shining! The remaining energy is sourced from the Roatan Electric Company (RECO), which in addition to the wind and solar, uses generators that are fed by propane gas, which is considered clean combustion. The resort relies on diesel-generated power on the property for backup.


The new solar field is one of the first things guests see when driving into the property. The panels are installed in what was once AKR’s paved tennis courts that have not been in use since the late 1980s. The old tennis courts served as the perfect location for mounting the solar panels, as it’s location is near the resort, large, and the majority of the area was clear of vegetation. This new solar system will be the largest privately-owned solar installation in the Western Caribbean, with an annual energy production of 534,000 kWh and a reduction of 378 metric tons of CO2.

Converting Roatan’s most abundant resource, sunshine, into clean, green, renewable energy!