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When it comes to sustainability, protecting Roatan’s natural resources is one of the most important parts of our mission here. From our internal policies to our educational programs, we aim to do all we can to protect our ecosystem and maintain our status as a sustainable destination. In addition, we support several local and international organizations in their conservation efforts. .

Pioneers in Solar Energy on Roatan

RIMS is now able to convert Roatan’s most abundant resource, sunshine, into clean, green, renewable energy for the facility during  daytime operations! In the spring of 2020, the owners of AKR & RIMS installed the largest privately-owned solar installation in the Western Caribbean, with an annual energy production of 534,000 kWh and a reduction of 378 metric tons of CO2.of solar panels The estimated output of the grid-tied solar system is over 300 kWh. The remaining energy is sourced from the Roatan Electric Company (RECO), which in addition to the wind and solar, uses generators that are fed by propane gas, which is considered clean combustion. The resort relies on diesel-generated power on the property for backup.

Converting Roatan’s most abundant resource, sunshine, into clean, green, renewable energy!

Saying Goodbye to Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic items are not purchased by or sold on the property. That means that you won’t find plastic bags, bottles, coffee stirrers, straws, or any other common single-use plastic items here. These items are the most significant contributors to the eight million metric tons of plastic waste that impact our oceans each year. We ask students to carry a reusable water bottle or to drink from a cup. Water at the facility is treated and safe for consumption, and we provide filtered water fountains throughout the property. To further reduce single-use plastic, we equip all student room baths with bulk dispensers for liquid bath amenities, which housekeeping refills from larger containers. This initiative was implemented in the year 2012 to help minimize the waste associated with individually packaged bath amenities commonly used in hotels around the world.

Promoting Water Conservation

Every day, millions of gallons of water are used to wash towels and sheets which have been used only once. As part of our commitment to reducing our consumption of water and electricity, we change bed linens and towels every third day and again upon check-out.  We also ask our students to reuse towels during their stay. We know that small changes like these can have significant results in the long-term.

Protecting the Ecosystem with  Waste Treatment

We understand the connection between proper wastewater systems, the environment, and our reefs.  From each bungalow and building at the facility, wastewater is collected in a series of self-contained tanks. From each tank, wastewater is pumped to a Bio-Microbics plant.  The Bio-Microbics plant has three chambers, one each for settling, aerobic treatment, and clarification. Wastewater in the aerobic portion is pumped with bacterial media and the treated water, rich in nitrogen and phosphorous, is used to irrigate the gardens on the property.

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