Dolphin Specialty Course

Study & Learn Dolphin Training Techniques

The dolphin specialty course is designed to give you a thorough view of the life of a bottlenose dolphin. The course is divided between two classroom sessions and two training sessions. Each classroom session is approximately 1.5 hours. These sessions cover the subjects of natural history, anatomy, physiology, social behavior, training methodology, research and conservation. The training sessions are 30-40 minutes. The first session allows you to get comfortable with one of our dolphins and try their hand at basic training. The second session places you in the water with the dolphin for some mimicry and team water behaviors. The schedule is flexible and can be arranged prior to your visit or once you to the island. 

  • Minimum number of guests for this program is 4.

  • Course instructor: Teri Bolton, Head Trainer, RIMS

Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences

Roatan, Bay Islands


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