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Coral Reef Monitoring

Research is a crucial tool in the conservation of marine biological diversity. The Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) is committed to facilitating and promoting marine investigations. In 1996, RIMS implemented a long-term reef-monitoring project conducted in areas within and adjacent to the Sandy Bay Marine Reserve. The project was designed to monitor the coral, fish, and invertebrate populations, as well as environmental parameters over time. In the past decade, RIMS has obtained a substantial database on the status of Roatan’s reefs. By continuously observing conditions over time, we can provide important information so that timely and sound actions can be taken to sustain our marine resources.

The goal of this monitoring project is to better understand the natural processes and dynamics of the reefs on Roatan so that we may continue to manage these important resources in the future. This documentation will be instrumental in our efforts to expand the marine reserve and enforce laws against practices that pose threats to the marine environments on which the Bay Islands are dependent. RIMS has a strong commitment to cooperate with other facilities in the Bay Islands and greater Caribbean and is willing to facilitate and assist visiting research scientists with their research.

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